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Holy Week in Malaga 2024

Guide for the Holy Week in Malaga 2024, Spain. All relevant information about processions, societies, routes and maps of the Holy Week of Malaga 2024.
Time Schedule of the Holy Week of Malaga 2024.

The Holy Week will start on the 24 of March (Palm Sunday) and will end on the 31 March 2024 (Easter Sunday).

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The artist Ángel Sarmiento Burgos, has been in charge of making the poster announcing Holy Week in Malaga 2024.

This is the first three-dimensional poster of Holy Week in Malaga made of wood.

The Albéniz cinema was the place chosen for the presentation of the poster by the president of the Association of Brotherhoods of Malaga, José Carlos Garín, who opened the event by pointing out that "taking for granted its historical and artistic value, I personally understand the Holy Week poster as the first banner to be raised, and behind it united, All the brotherhoods of Malaga are on our way, with the pride of belonging and the commitment to make public a manifestation of faith in the streets of our city for another year".

Five altar boys in a mischievous attitude attract all eyes. The visual, tinged with nineteenth-century flavor, rises as an ode to simplicity. The representation of the mischievous gesture, the direction of the gazes and the self-confidence of the five infants make up a relief made of terracotta that is supported by a large exhibition support that gives body and graphy to the entire poster.
In its lower area, playing with the volume of the support and dyed in cauldron color, the work shouts "MÁLAGA" with the graphics of a typographic block that is drawn compactly, as if it were a logo. Underlining the great title of the city itself can be read "Holy Week 2024", indicated from the Group.

Ángel Sarmiento, indicated at the event, that he had worked with transparency, wanting to emphasize that "I want to dedicate to you, Málaga, all the minutes dedicated to this work to you. Thank you, Malaga brother, for leaving your hands on this naughty child. Let the children come to me. In the future."

Also mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, mayor of Malaga had words for the artist in which he stressed that "The poster is Malaga. The brotherhoods are an essential part of the city's structure throughout the year. It's an authentic life, dedicated and in love with the headlines."

Ángel Sarmiento Burgos was born in Antequera on April 22, 1998 and began his artistic career when he was only twelve years old.
He had already made many well-known works in the field of Holy Week, such as the poster for the Brotherhood of the Students of Antequera in 2016 or the Official Poster of Holy Week published by the Council of Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods of Huelva in 2022.


Poster of the Holy Week in Malaga 2024

The Itineraries or routes and time schedules of the processions of Malaga, in paper are easy to also find in many establishments free and in the offices and kiosks of tourist information of Malaga. Next one reproduces like example, an itinerary of the last year that can vary sensibly in the guide of the Holy Week of Malaga 2024, so it is possible that there are changes in the itineraries in 2024. When it is published the official route and time schedule guide of the 2024 we will update it.

Its important you know Holy Week in Malaga is unlike anything you have seen before in other cities from Spain. Maybe the next video can help you to decide you come to know the best Holy Week of the world. Malaga and the Costa del Sol are waiting you...

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