Semana Santa de Málaga Holy Week Malaga, english version

Holy Monday in Malaga

The processions of this day are of greatest contrast in Holy Week in Malaga, since each of the six societies that carry their eleven tronos or floats has a most individual style.

- Morning -

One of the most intense moments of Easter Week in Malaga is without doubt the transfer of Jesús Cautivo and La Virgen de la Trinidad to their processional floats following early morning mass on the esplanade of the church of San Pablo. It begins at 8:00 but the entry of the images into the Hospital Civil where they are seen by the patients at 9:30 should not be missed. This morning also offers the chance to visit the church of Los Mártires to see the floats paraded by the Pasión society, whose candles are lit at 12:00.

- Afternoon/evenening -

By 16:15 we should be on the steep slopes of Calle Carrión to see the difficult descent of La Crucifixión. Close by, just an hour later, we will witness the vibrant departure of El Señor de la Columna and La Virgen de la O, known as 'the gypsies'; here, the music of the band mingles with the prayers and dance of the gypsy people. Afterwards, we can head to the area around the cathedral at about 18:00 to admire the tronos of the Pasión society in Calle Santa María in the shadow of the gothic façade of the church of El Sagrario.

Just a stone's throw away from here, we can see Los Estudiantes wend their way from Calle Cister across Plaza del Carbón to crowded Calle Carretería.

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Holy Monday in Malaga, Estudiantes

- Night -

After some sustenance at one of the bars or restaurants in the town centre, a must for the visitor is the unique sight of the procession of El Cautivo as it crosses the Puente de la Aurora bridge (22:00) with a sea of devotees in its wake who have been following it since early afternoon and will continue to do so until it is returned to its temple. Another location not to be missed is the Plaza del Obispo where, towards midnight, the tronos paraded by Los Estudiantes will converge while the Bishop looks on from portico of the main entrance to the cathedral.

To round off this busy day, we recommend that you spend the early hours following Los Dolores del Puente (1:30) as the procession passes through El Llano de Doña Trinidad and Calle Cerrojo, locations steeped in history.

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