Semana Santa de Málaga Holy Week Malaga, english version

Holy Tuesday in Malaga

La Victoria church plays a key role today as three of the six societies whose Malaga processions take place on Holy Tuesday come from this typical district of the city.

- Morning -

The morning offers a chance to admire the work of the gardeners of the city's park in the shape of the mantle of natural flowers made for La Virgen de las Penas, which can be viewed at the church of San Julián in Calle Nosquera. A visit to the temples of the La Sentencia, Rescate and Rocío societies will enable the visitor to take a closer look at their tronos.

- Afternoon/evening -

We recommend that you set off early (17:15) for the Victoria district to see the procession of El Rocío making its way through the Jardín de los Monos and on to Plaza de la Merced along Calle Victoria. If we stay in this area, at 19:00 we will be able to see the procession of El Rescate in the narrow Calle Aguas and appreciate its colourful cortège, the beauty of its patrimony and its unique float with its gothic-style Virgin.

In nearby Plaza de la Merced, you will be able to see the procession of La Sentencia at 20:00 in the attractive architectural setting provided by Picasso's birthplace and the monument erected in memory of General Torrijos.

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Holy Tuesday in Malaga, Sentencia

- Night -

We suggest that you sample one of the many typical dishes on offer in the old town centre before continuing. Get to Plaza del Obispo by 21:30 to admire the efforts of the members of the Nueva Esperanza society in front of the main façade of the cathedral. From here, you can head towards the heart of 16th-century Malaga, Calle San Agustín, to enjoy the procession of Las Penas at around 23:00.

Afterwards, we will make for the Alameda Principal to see the procession of La Humillación, which parades the oldest of all Malaga's Easter floats. To finish off Holy Tuesday, meet up with El Rocío as it comes back to the district to be returned to its temple amidst great popular fervour.

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