Semana Santa de Málaga Holy Week Malaga, english version

Holy Wednesday in Malaga

Today we reach the halfway stage of Easter Week with six societies parading their thirteen tronos. Grandeur and splendour are the words that best sum up each and every one of these processions of the Holy Week in Malaga.

- Morning -

We can start off by visiting the temples of the societies of La Paloma, in Plaza de San Francisco, and Sangre, which is nearby. Heading along Calle Carretería we come to the church of San Juan where we can look on as El Cristo de Animas de Ciegos is carried to its processional trono on the shoulders of paratroopers at 12:00. Finally, we must not forget to call in at the temple-museum of the Expiración society, which houses an art collection of great merit; this visit is an absolute must.

- Afternoon/evening -

Our afternoon begins at 16:30 in Plaza de Capuchinos with the departure of Los Salesianos. We shall then head for the church of Santo Domingo to see the Via Crucis of the Congregación de Mena on the streets of the Perchel district at around 18:00. At 19:00 we will cross the Puente de los Alemanes bridge and make for Plaza de Félix Sáenz to admire the dense cortege of the Cofradías Fusionadas.

Before taking a rest, we recommend that you attend the traditional ceremony in which a prisoner is freed by the image of Jesús el Rico at 20:30 near Plaza de la Aduana, very close to the Alcazaba.

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Holy Wednesday in Malaga, Jesus El Rico

- Night -

After keeping our strength up by sampling 'pescaíto frito' (fried fish) and other culinary delights to be found in the old town centre's many bars, we shall head for the Alameda Principal at 21:30 to see the magnificent tronos paraded by the Paloma society, in which doves, the birds that give the society its name, are set free.

Then go to the end of Calle Carretería to witness the vibrant meeting of the tronos carried by the Sangre society at La Tribuna de los Pobres. Finally, we recommend that you try to find a seat in the Alameda Principal in order to enjoy the procession of La Expiración and appreciate both the components of its cortege and the immense artistry of its tronos. If you wish to see one of the tronos returned to its temple, we suggest you watch El Rico in Calle Cister at about 01:00.

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