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Holy Week in Malaga 2023

Guide for the Holy Week in Malaga 2023, Spain. All relevant information about processions, societies, routes and maps of the Holy Week of Malaga 2023.
Time Schedule of the Holy Week of Malaga 2023.

The Holy Week will start on the 1 of March (Palm Sunday) and will end on the 9 April 2023 (Easter Sunday).

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The painter Pablo Cortés del Pueblo, has been the artist who has made the poster of Holy Week in Malaga 2023.

Pablo Cortés del Pueblo, born in Almeria, from Malaga due to the devotion of the Hermandad del Rico has been in charge of making the official poster announcing Holy Week in Malaga 2023, entitled "The lilies that come from the south".

Pablo had already designed multiple posters such as the Captive in 2021, the Extraordinary Departure of the Virgin of the Great Power in 2023, the 50th Anniversary of the Christ of Agony, the poster of the Bajo Palio program in Holy Week 2021 or the Day of the Cross of Alhaurín el Grande in 2023 among many others.

This poster is dedicated to the brothers and in general to all those who make Holy Week in Malaga possible, from Nazarenes, the people in general to music bands and media.

The poster is full of concrete elements that must be appreciated in detail and to which he wanted to give meaning. Pointing out some you can see a woman dressed in mantilla that is seen in the foreground and that personifies Malaga.
The throne that stars in the scene could not be other than that of Maria Santísima del Amor that runs along Cistercian Street with the orange trees on one side and the background of the cathedral of Malaga.

The pennant of the music band of Our Lady of Solitude of the Congregation of Mena alluding to the bands that make possible the live sound that accompanies the brotherhoods or a person raising a radio microphone looking for the sound of Holy Week in Malaga to broadcast live to those who have not been able to be present, this being a way to pay tribute to the media that make it possible for Holy Week in Malaga to reach everywhere.

There are a multitude of flowers and plants arranged throughout the poster, each with a symbology and in general they want to present Malaga as a garden of Eden, in allusion to the poem by Vicente Alexandre, "City of Paradise".

Poster of the Holy Week in Malaga 2023

The itineraries or routes and time schedules of the processions of Malaga, in paper are easy to also find in many establishments and in the offices and kiosks of tourist information of Malaga. Next one reproduces like example, an itinerary of the last year that can vary sensibly in the guide of the Holy Week of Malaga 2019, last year without pandemic, so it is possible that there are changes in the itineraries in 2023. When it is published the official route and time schedule guide of the 2023 we will update it.

Its important you know Holy Week in Malaga is unlike anything you have seen before in other cities from Spain. Maybe the next video can help you to decide you come to know the best Holy Week of the world. Malaga and the Costa del Sol are waiting you...

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