Semana Santa de Málaga Holy Week Malaga, english version

Holy Week in Malaga 2019

Guide for the Holy Week in Malaga 2019, Spain. All relevant information about processions, societies, routes and maps of the Holy Week of Malaga 2019.
Time Schedule of the Holy Week of Malaga 2019.

The Holy Week will start on the 14 of April (Palm Sunday) and will end on the 21 April 2019 (Easter Sunday).

José Antonio Jiménez is the author of the poster of the Holy Week of Malaga 2019. It presents a poster with the Virgen de los Dolores in which urban art and tradition have shaken hands.

The painter José Antonio Jiménez presented the work in the Teatro Echegaray in which appears as protagonist the Virgen de los Dolores of the bridge before a graffiti drawn on a white wall. It is an urban typography in which the Virgin is in the foreground and in the background a white wall full of chips and the phrase Holy Week in urban and colorful typography.

The Virgen de los Dolores de Santo Domingo, completely dressed in black, is presented as if it were in procession. A dagger in his heart, a rosary, the crown and a scapular with the Virgin of Victory, patron of the city of Malaga, appear as details in this magnificent work of the artist.


Poster of the Holy Week in Malaga 2019

The itineraries or routes and time schedules of the processions of Malaga, in paper are easy to also find in many establishments and in the offices and kiosks of tourist information of Malaga. Next one reproduces like example, an itinerary of the last year that can vary sensibly in the guide of the Holy Week of Malaga 2019. When it is published the official route and time schedule guide of the 2019 we will update it.

Its important you know Holy Week in Malaga is unlike anything you have seen before in other cities from Spain. Maybe the next video can help you to decide you come to know the best Holy Week of the world. Malaga and the Costa del Sol are waiting you...

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